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Donna Maria Basses

Since we are back in the wild 20. We decided to take the best of the sheep and produce fine sheepgut strings for your Bass. If you are playing in a swing band, play bluegrass, rock`n roll, slap the bass like a rockabilly or if you are playing in a serious Jazz band you will love our gut strings. They are highly twisted, very soft strings which are made out of whole strands of sheep gut, just like in the old days, before the beef gut serosa came up, which made the strings stiff. If you slap your bass and like the guty dry sound even on the low E you will find the set with the plane gut E. If you like a richer sound on the lower strings, than choose the set with the silver plated copper E string, which has a sheepgut core. We will call them Donna Maria Basses. Thanks to you, they will groove all over the world soon!

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