Type of string

For Viola da braccio (Violin Family)

Violin, Viol, Cello, Double Bass,

and viola da Gamba (Viola da Gamba Family)

Treble Viol, Tenor Viol,  Bass Viol, D Violon, G Violon

we have following types of strings by Toro ( Italien / RAM / Sheepgut) and Pure Corde Gut Strings (Potsdam) in our program:

.gut strings for violin, cello, viola, viola da gamba

PURE CORDE "high twist"  Gut Strings (medium pitch ranges): strongly twisted string with a direct response, suitable for medium and lower pitch ranges

gut strings baroque violin, Pure Corde
PURE CORDE "triple" Gut Strings (low and mid-range): this type of string, due to its multiple twisting, is particularly soft and even more responsive, which makes it ideal for a lower pitch range

Toro gut strings (sheep gut)
TORO "diskant"  Gut Strings (sheepgut): upper pitch range. In order to be able to offer our customers complete sets of strings, we carry alongside our PURE CORDE gut strings for medium and lower registers treble strings made by Toro. These complement the PURE CORDE gut strings particularly well.

toro gut strings silver
TORO” silver woundlow pitch range. For the lower pitch ranges for music after 1680 we recommend the “silver wound” strings from TORO with a natural gut core.

String length: The strings by Pure Corde and Toro are available in lengths of 120 cm and 180 cm.