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 Toro silver wound gut strings  I  Low pitch range
For the lower pitch ranges for music after 1680 we recommend the "silver wound" strings by Toro.

Finde all silver wound strings by Toro for: Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass, Treble viol, Tenor viol, Bass viol, D & G Violone below.
They complement the PURE CORDE gut strings particularly well.

The Toro family, from the city of Salle, province of Pescara in the region of Abruzzo, Italy, has been manufacturing high quality gut strings since 1965. Today, these hand made strings are produced by the Toro Brothers and their artisans using the very best techniques. Their aim is, supported by constant research and painstaking esperimentations, to offer natural gut strings produced by modern technologies respecting the ancient Italian Salle stringmakers' tradition to reach the magic sound that only gut, among all materials, can achieve. The Toro family produces gut strings with the strictest respect to historical authenticity with the aim of recovering the typical proportions and materials of the gut strings in use in the past.

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